x.o.ware | x.o.ware Adds Ad-blocking to XOnet VPN
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x.o.ware Adds Ad-blocking to XOnet VPN

Latest software upgrade for XOnet blocks ads and malware in remotely and locally connected devices

SANTA BARBARA, CA., April 13, 2016 – x.o.ware, inc., has announced yet another valuable new feature for its XOnet VPN gateway. The XOnet now has the ability to blocks ads and malware for all devices that are connected to it, without requiring any apps or browser extensions or plug-ins. And like all XOnet functions, there are never monthly or annual fees, and the software upgrade is free.

“Malware delivered by ads is a bigger threat than even open wi-fi networks,” said Justabout Everyone, a virtual employee at x.o.ware. “The XOnet is configured with only one click to block almost all ads that would otherwise pass through it to laptops and android mobile devices, or to any device on the LAN.”

The new firmware version (3.0) is available for automatic download from x.o.ware’s update servers (and ships pre-installed on any new XOnets purchased from x.o.ware). In addition to blocking potentially dangerous ads, the feature also reduces mobile data consumption, which keeps data usage costs down and speeds up web browsing.

The latest release also adds a firewall function to the XOnet. While many people may choose to use the XOnet in its simplest configuration, where it is attached to the local network, it is now also capable of being the network router, between a cable, DSL, or fiber modem and the user’s local network. Since the main focus of x.o.ware products is secure communications, the XOnet is now the most secure router for consumers and small businesses.

The companion XOkey, which performs encryption in hardware for remotely connected laptops, is also receiving a new upgrade, to support the ad-blocking feature and improve VPN connection speeds.

The most recent upgrade, which was quietly released in January, added support for Android devices and site-to-site VPNs. There really aren’t any site-to-site VPN routers that are as inexpensive as the XONet, nor as easy to use. These features are still very valuable to anyone who uses wireless networks, as the XOnet is the most affordable VPN solution. And unlike the VPN services that are run by third parties and have access to your keys, the XOnet resides in your home or office, and gives you secure remote access to computers and other networked devices there, without monthly or annual fees.

The XOnet and XOkey can be purchased directly at www.xoware.com and www.amazon.com. While the XOnet is available for $69.95, a special VPEx starter package, which includes two XOnets and one XOkey, is available for $159.95, including shipping. A combo package that includes one XOnet and one XOkey only costs $99, including shipping.