x.o.ware | Known Issues
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we are working on fixing them, but for now, you should know about them
  1. IPv6 – we do not support IPV6 yet, if your laptop is connected through an ipv6 Internet connection (which would usually only be available on a mobile connection), the XOkey may not connect to the XOnet.  To work around this, you need to configure your laptop’s network connections to use only ipv4.  If you are using a tethered phone that connects to an ipv6 access point, you might be able to configure it to only use an ipv4 access point.

  3. XOkey password must be alphanumeric characters only. When you register an XOkey with an XOnet, it asks you for a password for that pair, and it must not contain any characters that are not letters or numbers. It won’t stop you if you do, but then it will not connect to the XOnet. We will either fix this limitation, or at least stop you from using non-alphanumeric characters in the next release of XOkey firmware.

  5. 3. Duplicate host names – The XOnet is assigned a randomly generated 16-digit host name, so that the XOkey can connect to it from anywhere. However, we discovered that the host names are not as random as expected, and a few have been duplicated. This will not result in a security risk, but will prevent your XOkey from connecting to your XOnet. If you are able to consistently connect to your XOnet with your XOkey, you don’t have this problem. However, if you cannot connect, or all of a sudden they stop connecting, it is possible that the host name of your XOnet has bee duplicated. The solution to this is to perform a factory reset on your XOnet – that forces the generation of a new host name. It is unlikely this will result in another duplicated host name, but you will need to re-register your XOkeys with the XOnet after the factory reset (sorry for the trouble). This problem will be fixed in an upcoming software release. Unfortunately, as we don’t record serial numbers or host names (our of privacy concerns), we cannot tell if a specific host name has been replicated.

  7. The XOkey adapter is not great. Make sure it is fully plugged into your laptop and your XOkey. You can use a adapter cable if you have one, but it must have all four wires (it can’t be a cable just used for charging batteries).